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Japanese "mosaic" C6N1 in 1/20 scale

Japanese "mosaic" Raiden in 1/20 scale

Japanese "mosaic" Ta152H in 1/20 scale

Contemporary Japanese "mosaic" models that are made up with individual blocks using different grains of the same wood in the shapes of the various panels on the actual aircraft. This creates a marvelous effect aesthetically and at the same time shows to a greater degree than many modeling techniques essential characteristics of the airplane itself.  Please visit their site for a tour of these fine models including a "how to do it" section.

Mitsubishi G4M "Betty" surrender aircraft. Photo: Broken Wings of the Samurai, Robert C. Mikesh

The Robert C. Mikesh model.

Navy servicemen atop the surrender Betty. Photo: Robert C. Mikesh

Mitsubishi G4M1-L2 in 1/72 scale with a wingspan of 13 Ĺ inches by Robert C. Mikesh. The clear plastic windows on this model were carved out of a piece broken from a window of the actual aircraft. About this aircraft, Mikesh says in his book Broken Wings of the Samurai, "Of the two "Betty" bombers which carried Japanís surrender envoys to meet with MacArthurís staff, this is the one that completed that mission by returning to its starting pointÖ. MacArthurís instructions called for the two aircraft to be painted white and carry green crosses in place of the normal Japanese insignia." About the photo on the right, he says that it is "a picture of US Navy seaman sitting on the airplane at Kisarazu (on the east bank of Tokyo Bay) when soon after my Navy friend took the souvenir." This historic aircraft was destroyed late in September 1945.

V.J.G. Woodason and his large scale JU 88

Mitsubishi Ki 97 "Sally" by Woodason

1" Sectional Model of the Empire Flying Boat by Woodason

V.J.G. Woodason and three of his models as found in his book, The Art of Scale Model Aircraft Building (1943). A recent viewing of the film In Which We Serve (English, 1942) revealed many realistic actions shots using this JU 88 model. Underwing lettering had been painted out and weathering added. The Mitsubishi 97 (Sally) is particularly accurate for a model done that early in the war.

Beech D-17S in 1/24 scale by Jerry Hall

Heinkle-115B in 1/32 scale by Jerry Hall

Spartan 7-W in 1/24 scale by Jerry Hall

Full size turbo engine mock-up by Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall builds most of his models in basswood and does some of the finest paintwork to be seen. The aircraft models have complete interior detail and a lacquer finish and were made in the 1990ís.  The engine mock-up was done as a courtroom exhibit.  Jerry also makes tractors and heavy earth moving equipment.

De Havilland Mosquito by Michael Hankinson

RAF Vulcan by Michael Hankinson

Michael Hankinson of the UK produces a series of British aircraft, mostly in American black walnut,  but the Mosquito above is in Brazilian mahogany.  The majority of his models are in 1/24 scale, but the scales of the illustrated models are not known.  The 1/24 scale would produce quite a large model of the Vulcan.

Visit the web site of Rojas Bazan at for photos of highly detailed metal models.

I am always looking for examples of contemporary models done in hardwood and metal.  Please submit suggestions to Doxaerie.

Historical Models