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LINKS This site is in Japanese, but all the models are solid wood and are state of the art. The naturally finished wood "mosaic" models are beautiful. There are three illustrated how-to sections. Once in the site, go to "the page of a link," then to "Nishino’s Saiun." Alternatively, the site can be found in the International list of Scale Model Related Web Sites at and use the search engine for "solid models." Click on the "Colorful Cloud Club."

An American solid modeling site:

Steve Remington’s site has in depth features about the history of modeling, as well as aviation photos, models, paintings, prints and a museum of official recognition aids.  A very interesting site for historical models:

Horst Rienecker's naturally finished models can be found on his web site:

Old model magazines with features including articles and plans on building solid models from the Thirties and Forties.

Rojas Bazan for years has built incredibly detailed aluminum models which can be seen on his web site:
His work and that of other master craftsmen working in metal is to be found at:

Bel-Air models of Belgium offers finely carved solid plexiglass Golden Age models.

Harry Woodman’s book, Scale Model Aircraft in Plastic Card, is available on this web site:

Paper Models International:  Their phone number is (503) 646-4289.

General information about card modeling is found at This site features natural wood finished earth moving equipment.

Site listing many aviation subjects:

Ron Anderson is reproducing the old Monogram Speedee-Bilt kits (better than new!) and other models of his own design.  His catalog is available through:

The KAPA Kollector is quarterly publication featuring stories, photos and plans of the old kits and models back to the dawn of flying.  Reach them at:  KAPA, 1788 Niobe Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92804

Arthur L. Bentley's plans have been used by Doxaerie (FW 190A, Hurricane).  These and other superb plans are available through his web site:

If you can recommend other sites which seem relevant to the content of this site, please do so at Doxaerie.