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    Most Doxaerie models are built on commission.  However, now and then models are built on speculation, or an extra example is built of a commissioned model.  These and some proof of concept models occasionally become available, and are listed below.

    A small production run of 1/48 scale Boeing Stratoliner models is being planned,  to be finished either painted as the restoration featured in this site, or clear varnished with markings   If you have an interest in reserving one of these models, please contact Doxaerie.

    If you would like to commission a model, please contact Doxaerie about your interests.  Our special models are completely hand built, thus labor intensive and, depending on backlog, lead time may be considerable.  A model may require from 200 to 800 hours to build, and prices reflect this.


    The Curtiss E-Boat in 1/24 scale (wingspan 21").  Three of these models were constructed.  The first, mostly butternut and walnut, went to the Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, N.Y.  The second, mainly walnut, is complete and available.  This model is pictured here.  The third, mostly cherry, has all parts fabricated, and can be completed fairly quickly.  The price on the walnut or cherry model is $3200 plus shipping.



        Doxaerie also has a number of parts, including turned fuselages in various woods, for the 1/24th scale Cunningham-Hall GA-36.  Note the two models featured in the Gallery II area (and a drawing of which is at the top of this page).  Contact Doxaerie if you are interested in commissioning one of these.



    Doxaerie is presently accepting no further restoration commissions due to excessive backlog.  However, if you have a valuable old model that is worth bringing back to life, we will continue to offer support and advice on how to go about getting it restored.  Contact Doxaerie



    Ed Jenkins is a respected artist and model builder.  His work in model ships and aircraft dates back to the 1930's.  His ship model ALMA, pictured here,  is to be found in the San Francisco Maritime Museum.

He was a model shipwright for the Office of Naval Intelligence during WWII.  Some years ago he was commissioned to do a museum quality 1/16th scale (wingspan 22 1/2") model of the Boeing F4B-3.

  The person who commissioned the model passed away, and work on the 80% complete model was halted.   Ed did extensive research on the F4B including drawing professional quality plans.  The model is laminated wood with highly detailed metal fittings.  There is a perfect miniature of the Pratt and Whitney engine built up of many metal parts.  Cockpit interior is complete.  Ed estimates that he had 2144 hours in the model by the time it was put away.  However, he now has retired from this type of miniaturized work due to eye problems, and has asked Doxaerie to complete the model if a new commission can be found for it.


    This model will be the centerpiece of any aviation collection.  If you are interested in discussing commissioning the completion of this model, please contact Doxaerie.  The F4B-3 flew with the Army, Navy and Marine corps, and you will be able to choose the colors and markings.
    This is a unique opportunity to acquire the rarest of models.


    Doxaerie has contracted with Tom Kemp of Dyna-Model Products to reproduce the complete cast metal fittings sets for two of the models released by Dyna-Model between 1946 and 1956. Limited numbers of sets are available, and come with copies of original plans and template sheets so that an original model can be made of these fine old kits.  Available are the sets for the F8F Bearcat and the P-40F Warhawk.  Each set is $30 post paid. 



    Doxaerie currently has three sets of drawings available:
                1  Cunningham-Hall GA-36.  This basic 3 view is featured in the JorZack kit (contact Doxaerie for information on the 30" flying model). The drawing is in 1/24 scale and was based on the original balance diagram drawing.  $10 plus postage.
                2  Vultee P-66 Vanguard.  These detailed plans were done by Dick Gleason to 1/24 scale.  $10 plus postage.
                3  Bell YFM-1.  These are tracings of the original Bell model shop drawings of 2-14-46 for their presentation models.  Dick Gleason redrew the original 1/30 scale drawings to .189" = 1'.  Drawings are complete with sections and notes on the original model construction details.  $10 plus postage.


     Doxaerie has obtained a number of cast metal airplane fittings, some of which have been produced within the last 15 years or so and were complete or partial fittings sets for a projected line of solid wood model aircraft based on the design philosophy of the Dyna Model kits illustrated elsewhere in this site.  Plans and decal sheets are available for a few of these.  Others metal castings are copies of fittings found both in widely distributed kits in the Thirties and Forties and found individually in hobby shops of the time.